Our factory is opened since 1988 and becomes very professional in manufacturing hand tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, special tools, power tools and accessories. Besides, we also provide OEM/OEM services for our customers. Because of Mr. Mark Chen's correct leading and quality well control, our company grows stable and gets stronger and stronger.

Our location is in the famous industrial park in Taiwan and the transportation is also very convenient to expressway, two national roads and Taichung port.

Our company stands square meter in Taichung and has standard plant for parts, molding and packaging.

There're technicians and totaled more than workers. Our employees' has professional training and work with full knowledge and enthusiasm. This is also the main reason that we could provide best products and service.

Main Products

Operation Beliefs
1) Innovate newly products according to our professional skill and knowledge.
2) Satisfy customers with our serious-control quality.
3) Create benefit based on efficient management.

Patents & Quality Evidence
We realize that you're very professional in hand tool and we're also a very professional manufacturer in Taiwan. We have thirty patents that are issued from U.S.A, Japan and Taiwan...etc. Our pride is to make our customer satisfied, such as Sears, Bosh, those are our main customers in U.S.A and have cooperated with us for a long time. Besides, our sale in Japan market stands about 35% per year. This could be the evidence for our good quality.


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Well-Control Quality
In order to produce well and become better, we insist following four beliefs:
1. Besides creating and developing, we always ask our employee expect the product in details and exam carefully.
2. If customer has special requirement for the quality, we always discuss with our customer in details and put our full emphasis on manufacturing process in order to co-ordinate with customer's requirement.
3. The employees in the production line examine seriously and carefully in every step to avoid poor quality.

Future Prospect
In order to promote our products world widely, we'll integrate the advantage of the location in Taichung Industrial Park, outstanding talented team along with the low management, high efficiency of New Taiwan private enterprise and enthusiasm for perfect preparation. We sincerely wish to enter your market via your business channels and marketing tactic for our mutual target.

Welcome to contact us anytime, we have full confidence to serve you the products with good quality. To let us know your need is the most urgent work to you. An old saying: the perfect expression and communication leads to success transaction. Therefore, please don't hesitate to inform us your requirement. We'll be here and be ready anytime, as you need us.

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